Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buckwheat Color Script Panels

Pre-production elements for Buckwheat are nearly complete! And that means I will be moving into pencil tests soon. I'm actually eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5 release so I can get busy shooting! But until then, here's some more early color script panels. The script has evolved over the past month and a half and this color script exercise has definitely helped me streamline the narrative and start thinking in visual vocabulary. Interestingly, after looking at more noir and neo-noir films I was influenced by the use of visual motifs. For example, Scorsese used the visual motif of an X throughout The Departed (2006) to foreshadow the double crossing going on throughout the plot. There are X's everywhere in that film if you watch closely enough. For Buckwheat, since it's very much a story of confinement, I placed subtle visual references to barred doors, cells, stripes throughout the story. Again, it's subtle, but a pattern emerges and foreshadows the central theme of imprisonment.

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